FinDEVr SV 2016 / WiseBanyan

Presenter Profile

WiseBanyan is the fastest growing independent roboadvisor in the U.S. We help individuals save, invest, and reach their first $100,000 – for free and with no minimums. WiseBanyan builds and manages tailored, goal-based financial plans helping individuals reach rainy day funds, purchase a home, and save for retirement. Simply link a bank account and WiseBanyan’s end-to-end infrastructure fully automates achieving the goals.

As a leading consumer fintech firm, WiseBanyan is a FINRA Broker-Dealer and an SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Our recommendation and trading engines seamlessly design tailored portfolios for our clients, execute transfers, rebalancing, portfolio allocations, and orders – even down to fractional shares. We process a quarter million trades per month and 25,000 client deposits a month.


Data as an Advantage: Building a Data Warehouse With Open Source Tools

Our data warehouse enables us to properly collect, store, and make data accessible to all teams from marketing to compliance, and this leads to better decisions. Our presentation focuses on the choices we made regarding the pipelining of client and application data into our central data warehouse and the facilitation of the access to that data. We had four central considerations: data security and privacy, speed of implementation, adaptability, and cost.

Our data security and privacy requirements excluded any solutions that required 3rd party pipelining. Given our rapid speed of development and unique technology platform, we were not a good fit for traditional enterprise “all-in-one solutions.” Our solution was to utilize an open-source workflow management system, Airflow by AirBnB, and an open-source business intelligence tool, Metabase. A full integration with these technologies to create our data warehouse and ETL has enabled us to move quickly to refine product, user experience and expand our business.

What You’ll Learn

  • Open-source workflow management systems enable pipelining of storage without sacrificing security.
  • Implemented correctly, open source business intelligence tools enable secure access to data for non-technical teams without sacrificing security.
  • Correct storage and retention of data is not just a business requirement; teams that execute in this regard have a competitive advantage.


Herbert Moore, Co-CEO & Co-Founder | @herbertmoore1 |

Co-founder of WiseBanyan with over a decade of experience in the asset management industry. Previously, he was the founder of a quantitative asset manager, and prior, he was the head trader at Ansbacher, a volatility arbitrage hedge fund. BA Economics, George Washington; MS Engineering, Stanford. Series 4, 7, 24, 63, 65

Jennifer Chin, Chief Science Officer

Leads data science team at WiseBanyan and has over 10 years of experience in engineering and system architecture. Previously, Jennifer was the co-founder & CTO of LaunchBit, an adtech business acquired in 2014. BS Chemistry and Physics, Harvard; PhD Material Science and Engineering, MIT.

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