FinDEVr SV 2016 / Wisdom Design Associates

Presenter Profile

Wisdom Design Associates is the creator of the Wisdom Authorization Solution, an authority-centric policy-based technology that controls the authority to act on behalf of a business. Wisdom Solutions are designed for step-by-step authorization of business transactions in financial services institutions and provide proactive oversight mechanisms for regulations, compliance, and security.

Wisdom Authorization Solutions are a back-end authorization mechanism capable of managing and enforcing complex authorization policies for business processes in underlying applications, enabling companies to move beyond access management to the comprehensive control of the authorization of data, processes, and systems. Wisdom goes beyond standard IAM functions to control of authority over business activity — internal to the firm and among cooperating firms.


Beyond Access Control

Wisdom will demonstrate how to go beyond access control to the control of business transactions that must consider multiple parties, multiple processes, varied regulatory regimes, and demands of individual lines of business. Wisdom will demonstrate a revolutionary technology that allows you to create dynamic authority that can be given or withdrawn at the discretion of supervisors; delegate conditional authority for use under specific conditions; consider diverse regulatory obligations and complex compliance controls; enforce accountability; perform regulatory reporting as of any moment in time; and ensure that employees are acting appropriately and legally.

Because Wisdom models real business authority, the problem becomes not only tractable in technology but straightforward and intuitive for business users. You will see how enterprises and applications can use Wisdom to make fine-grained control and oversight of business a reality.

What You’ll Learn

  • Business authority is not static, but must respond to the dynamic nature of business, and the specific participants and the risk profile of each transaction.
  • When the complexity and nuance of business authority is brought into the system, what’s left for business users to manage is intuitive and natural.
  • You can use Wisdom’s solution to give your applications powerful, nuanced control of the authority to do business, empowering business users to take direct control of who has the authority.


Eliot Solomon, Managing Director & Chief Architect | | 800.210.6540 x 700

For nearly 30 years, Eliot has specialized in financial services data security, compliance and governance solutions at such institutions as the NYSE, Bank of America, and JP Morgan. Eliot’s work has focused on assuring that complex business processes are controlled to ensure they are trustworthy in all respects.

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