FinDEVr SV 2016 / UCX

Presenter Profile

UCX is the leading global spot exchange created to help CSP’s and enterprises “Trade the Cloud” in order to manage their financial IT risk exposure. UCX owns the universal standard used to normalize the cloud market so that enterprises can make apples-to-apples comparisons and measure, benchmark, and trade cloud consumption.


Trading the Cloud as a Commodity on UCX

Billions of dollars annually are wasted on the largest, fastest growing, and most inefficient market today, the buying/selling of compute resources. Enterprises lack the necessary tools to understand their true cost of consumption and have no way to benchmark against the open market and accurately compare CSPs. They are trapped in an antiquated “allocation-based” cost model.

UCX is the exchange where enterprises can make apple-to-apples comparisons, manage their risk, and regain operational agility. Enterprises can now measure, benchmark, trade, and consume compute resources from a centralized, transparent, and competitive market.

What You’ll Learn

  • “The Cloud” will be the largest commodity market traded within the next decade.
  • UCX owns the universal standard to measure, benchmark, and trade cloud consumption.
  • UCX Members have been trading since February of 2015; the membership consists of startups to Fortune 500 companies, cloud and capital market brokerages, and cloud service providers.


Adam Zeck, Founder & CEO |

Adam is the Founder, CEO, and visionary of UCX, and the Principal of Fast Market Holdings. Previously, for over ten years, Adam was a member of the CME as an independent Eurodollar commodity spread trader and broker. Currently, Adam is responsible for the direction, management and execution of day-to-day activities for UCX.

Tim Martin, COO |

Tim is the COO of UCX and was the company’s first employee. Tim is also the Principal of Adaptive Mobile Research. Prior to UCX and AMR, Tim spent over 5 years competing on golf’s mini-tours. Tim’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to, UCX membership, product development, and corporate strategy.

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