FinDEVr SV 2016 / Totum Wealth

Presenter Profile

Based in Los Angeles, Totum Wealth is an innovative risk analytics company that empowers digital client engagement and suitable advice for financial advisors. Given the seismic changes in wealth management from regulations, demographics and pricing compression, Totum’s robust approach to risk and user-focused technology enables advisors to differentiate their offerings, increase conversion and scale the practice without additional staff.

Totum offers the first and only institutional-quality platform that systematically quantifies human capital factors or the unique risk exposures in each household, including health, family, career, financial strength and hidden correlation. The educational client questionnaire helps investors understand their multi-dimensional risk context. Using the firm’s select universe or preferred model portfolios, Totum’s risk alignment engine gives advisors the control to create a bespoke portfolio that fits client’s unique situations while mitigating risks. Advisors are able to engage their clients in making informed decisions to achieve better client satisfaction, conversion and retention.


Totum 2.0 Intelligent Risk Alignment and Bespoke Portfolio Construction

We will unveil Totum 2.0, our latest technology that empowers a new experience for both the investors, an educational questionnaire, and for advisors, bespoke portfolio construction and proposal dashboard. The educational questionnaire interactively updates the Totum Risk Score as the investor goes through five dimensions of risk: life stage, investment goals, risk appetite, financial strength and human capital. The client selects the set of preferred investment outcome and can access their risk profile. The bespoke portfolio construction maps the Risk Score and the preferred investment outcome to a portfolio that fits these criteria. The advisor has full control over whether to use model portfolios, to build an allocation from select securities or to modify a portfolio with a slider. The portfolio dashboard enables the advisor to communicate complex risk/reward trade-offs of the portfolio in a simple and engaging way with the help of visualized scenario analysis and Monte Carlo simulation.

What You’ll Learn

  • Digital client engagement is a must, given the new generation of clients and price compression. Totum offers wealth management firms a comprehensive solution from risk profiling to investment proposal.
  • Totum’s intelligent risk alignment allows advisors to offer financial planning service profitably and have control over the delivery of unique IP manager selection and forward looking asset allocation.
  • Our interactive risk questionnaire educates investors about their holistic risk context, identifies hidden correlations and provides awareness on how to mitigate the risks.


Min Zhang, CEO & Co-Founder | @minczhang | | 213.375.8499

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