FinDEVr SV 2016 / Tango Card

Presenter Profile

Tango Card’s Reward Delivery Platform (RDP) was created to make the incentive portion of reward and incentive programs easy. A verbose global catalog, fulfillment, and accounting are all bundled up inside of RDP. There are a lot of moving parts to make your program a success – trust RDP to streamline all processes around e-gift cards, prepaid cards, digital checks, PayPal payments, and donations. With the ability to deliver one-off, in bulk, or automated via the Rewards as a Service API, RDP can add value to your program as soon as you’re ready.


The Rewards as a Service API

We are going to demo a live integration of our RaaS API into a live customer program. Then we will proceed to demonstrate our API methods and how they are used to knit stellar reward programs into our customers’ apps and platforms.

What You’ll Learn

  • How we support enterprise reward programs with our RaaS API
  • The methods of our API
  • How prevalent and useful digital rewards, like e-gift cards, already are


Chek Lim, CTO

Elliott White, Business Development Director | @elliottpwhite | | 206.228.5644

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