FinDEVr SV 2016 / SnoopWall

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SnoopWall’s mission is to be a trusted provider of cost effective, proactive security solutions that enhance organizations’ cyber-risk mitigation strategies. SnoopWall’s portfolio includes an application SDK designed to deliver app and port authority capabilities. MobileSHIELD endpoint agent enhances corporate BYOD security. NetSHIELD is designed to deliver critical network access control ensuring only trusted wired and wireless assets access corporate networks. Additionally, zero-hour malware and phishing attack real-time quarantine, mac-spoof detection, TLD blocking, comprehensive auditing, vulnerability assessments, and compliance reporting enhance this comprehensive and compelling offering.


Prioritize and Enhance Security for Mobile Apps

Increase adoption of your mobile app with AppSHIELD SDK.

Many mobile banking apps are insecure and hackable. Many trusted apps exploit these m-banking vulnerabilities. See a demo of a “big-bank” app being exploited and explore some of the permissions many consumers readily accept that make apps increasingly vulnerable.

Explore some of the solutions available today to enhance app security and reduce your organization’s risk profile.

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn about some of the vulnerabilities that make apps insecure
  • Get a sense for how big the problem really is
  • Learn how to reduce your organization’s app security risk profile


Chris Gauthier, VP, Engineering

Mark Bermingham, VP, Marketing & Business Development | 603.401.2006

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