FinDEVr SV 2016 / OCR Labs

Presenter Profile

OCR Labs specialises in OCR and FR technology on mobile and web platforms.

Our technology includes cutting edge identity proofing and fraud detection features such as Facial Recognition, geographic security feature analysis, and many more.

The Orbit engine combines these features in an easily deployable, native iOS or android SDK or web service.

Orbit was designed to be used in the onboarding and re-authentication process of telco’s, financial intuitions, and governments to create the same level of trust in a remote transaction as in a face to face.

Supporting over 300 countries with a database of 300+ passports and 250+ other ID documents, OCR Labs is leading the way in Identity proofing, fraud prevention.


The Evolution of ID Scanning

ID scanning is a norm for collecting personal information from users for either KYC/AML or simply utilizing information on an ID to fill out an application form. While tracking through the history of how OCR on a mobile platform has worked, OCR Labs debuts a new standard of scanning and ID validation.

What You’ll Learn

  • A new way of thinking about OCR and Facial Recognition when choosing to add it to your product or workflow
  • Current challenges with using OCR ID capturing and Facial Recognition for Identity Proofing and how we have solved them
  • Where Identity proofing is heading and what we should see in the future


Matthew Adams, CTO

Daniel Aiello, CIO

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