FinDEVr SV 2016 / Modo

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Modo provides a COIN® operated Digital Payments Hub that connects new digital experiences to payments systems worldwide. Modo’s patented COIN® transaction takes monetary value from just about any source and can deliver it to just about any destination, without requiring partners to modify their systems. Truly a “shipping container for global payments,” the Modo COIN® simplifies the complex world of payments in the digital era.


Modo Digital Payments Hub

Learn how to build brand spanking new digital payments experiences that connect to not so new (and please don’t spank them) existing payments systems using Modo’s Digital Payments Hub.

Using Modo, you can securely request money to move between any two payments systems, without anyone having to share the details of their identity or their payment credentials with someone else (besides your new best friends at Modo). No (new) accounts needed.

The Modo Digital Payments Hub is an awesome technology to design and manage the full lifecycle of digital payment transactions across the global payments ecosystem. Oh, and it’s COIN® operated. The Modo Digital Payments Hub is made up of four components: Payments System Connectors, Payments Transactions, Credentials Vault, and Digital Experiences.

What You’ll Learn

  • It’s easy to securely request money to move between any existing payments system connected to Modo. You can do it from any digital experience.
  • New digital payments experiences need to use existing payments systems for scale, ease of adoption, and regulatory requirements. Don’t re-invent the bank (banks don’t like that).
  • COIN® Operated is the new Orange (which is the new Black).


Bruce Parker, CEO | @apaymentsgeek | | 214.238.4799

Bruce Parker is a self-declared #paymentsgeek and has been a visionary and strategist for some of the largest and most innovative payments technology companies in the world. Bruce has created new products, built partnerships and shaped strategy that has moved the payments industry, in some cases, to tears.

Aaron Wilkinson, Chief Architect |

Aaron has a decade and a half of experience in Software Engineering starting with a foundation of real-time embedded software for high-end military vehicles and branching out to many other fields, from user interfaces to software architecture to web services.

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