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Presenter Profile, an electronic communications service provider, focuses its main business on electronic notification and electronic contracting services combining ease of use with legal validity. Acting as a trusted third party, it provides evidence of the content and the parties involved in the processes, thus being the platform for fintech companies requiring immediacy and assurance of all legal guarantees. brings 20 years of experience turning any business process digital. Currently the company is listed in the Spanish Alternative Stock Market.


Registered Email and Registered Electronic Contract: The Merchant’s Ace Card for Consumers

Merchants’ electronic communications towards consumers call for a solution to provide the existence of such communication. This is of the upmost importance for email delivery and distance contracting, where merchants need to prove the communication took place and, in turn, the consumers have to receive the contracts in a durable medium.

The robust, well documented API, Connectaclick, and the registered email API allow merchants to integrate notifying and contracting processes easily. This technology provides evidence of all sent emails, enables all contracts to be signed with a simple click, and then generates a legal document, the certificate. Therefore, merchants’ communications are backed thanks to these solutions.

What You’ll Learn

  • Registered evidence throughout’s API integration, a key element to strengthen merchants’ interactions with consumers
  • Implementing Connectaclick API, the customized platform for contracting
  • Digital conversion aimed at merchants


Sisco Sapena, CEO | | 786.282.2497

Francisco Sapena studied technical agricultural engineering, specializing in horticulture and gardening, at the University of Lleida and did postgraduate studies in telematics at the UPC. He is one of Spain’s internet pioneers and has been taking around the world for 20 years now, always focusing on innovation.

Daniel Parada, R&D Technician | |
+34 651 420 294

Daniel Parada studied computer science at University of Lleida. He worked as a sysadmin in several companies worldwide, including the Trade Commission of Spain in Chicago. Nowadays, he works at developing the registered email solution and process of generating the certificate.

Jordi Ramon, CTO | | +34 615 640 337

Higher Technical Certificate in IT Development and Management Information Systems. Professional analyst programmer with 15 years of experience in the development of mobile messaging servers communication certification processes.

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