FinDEVr SV 2016 / Kyckr

Presenter Profile

Kyckr provides award winning, commercially proven products for the verification of businesses globally. We have developed APIs and cloud based, automated decision engines for Best in Class KYC, due diligence and customer on-boarding. Our products offer a significant competitive edge to our customers with automated data cleansing, remediation and on-going monitoring and best-in-class data that dramatically improve customer on-boarding timelines and time to revenue.


Corporate Identity on the Blockchain

Kyckr will demonstrate how a corporate identity blockchain can enable enterprises to quickly and easily build robust applications that address the challenges of establishing provenance, authentication and reconciliation. We will show that by creating an encrypted digital identity for a corporation, while offering greater security features, you will save enterprises, institutions, governments and customers significant time and money. Kyckr has created a golden record for corporate identity which will work not only for financial institutions but for every entity across the globe in all electronic environments. This will improve supply chain integrity, reduce cyber risk and potential instances of fraud. Through augmenting our existing platform, which boasts extensive integration with official business registries and companies housed across the globe, Kyckr has created a technology that simplifies the process of deploying this information to blockchains. We will present these deployment mechanisms and a number of use cases demonstrating various KYC workflows.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to access authoritative company identity information across multiple jurisdictions utilising Kyckr APIs
  • Our strategies for deploying/proving corporate identity data to/on blockchains
  • A number of KYB use case(s) to demonstrate why such a service is needed


Ben Cronin, Joint CEO & Director | +353 87 2467470

Ben is a founder, CEO and director of Kyckr. He fulfills the combined roles of managing all operating activities and personnel as well as developing prospects and clients in Europe/US. Ben was a professional Rugby Union player, playing for Munster and Ireland. Prior to setting up Kyckr, Ben was a successful property developer.

Cian Foley, Sr. Software Engineer

Cian worked in the TSSG at Waterford IT for 10 years as a developer/researcher leading various EU and Irish government funded projects in the area of mobile communications, particularly peer-to-peer technologies such as Instant Messaging. In 2016, he joined the Kyckr team to apply his skills in the area of Blockchain R&D.

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