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Implementation of the Hyperledger Project at IBM with Blockchain As A Service

Blockchain has fast become the new marketing buzzword for solving all financial and security woes, but what is it really? Demystify the blocks as we delve into the Hyperledger Project, what it means for the industry, and why Blockchain is ideal for more than just securities all while live deploying chain code using IBM’s Blockchain As A Service.

What You’ll Learn

  • The basic concepts of Hyperledger and IBM’s approach to the collaborative effort
  • How to deploy chain code in a cloud environment, taking a dormant system to a functioning ledger
  • How the Hyperledger Project can solve your business’ financial security woes


Stefania Kaczmarczyk, Technical Evangelist | @stefania_kaz | | 940.535.4874

Stefania Kaczmarczyk is a developer advocate for Cloud at IBM. Stefania has touched technologies from big iron to little servos and traversed an array of languages, databases, and platforms in her six years with the company. Her passion is data and her love is code, video games, and the technology of finance.

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