FinDEVr SV 2016 / Finaeos

Presenter Profile

Finaeos, the Programmable Cloud for FinTech, is a powerful integrated CORE solution that enables any developer, or firm, to leverage the key technical elements of a FinTech business model instantly – to develop rapid market entry projects.

The Finaeos stack allows businesses, and developers, at all levels, to start with a FinTech designed CORE platform and design unique and powerful FinTech components/web applications for any business need or model. Developers are able to leverage our “Gadget” function library, forms and process flow chains for integrations. Design entire web applications rapidly in our open architecture, multi-tenant environment, or create powerful integrations.


Finaeos – The FinTech Programmable Cloud on Microsoft Azure

The Finaeos Programmable.Cloud platform offers the critical CORE foundation for any FinTech initiative. The model of a Programmable.Cloud for FinTech will enable rapid development, model evolution and integrations.

With an eye toward legacy and on-site HybridCloud Operating Systems – and extensive cloud based applications, the critical base functions are built into the Finaeos Platform for extension by FinTech developers, organizations and innovators. The patented gadget technology and patent pending quantum computing state machine leverage from all business core requirements provided by the core functions. From CRM to market communication automation, data vault , edocument and signature to the central syndication registry – developers can create Gadget APPs to integrate and deliver from UI/UX design to automated process state machines, learning technology, and blockchain layers in a rapid application development environment. Our UI/UX gadgets and web services make mobile and web app integrations for FinTech an “APP-store-like” environment. We give developers and firms a unique place to apply their models efficiently and rapidly get them into the FinTech market.

What You’ll Learn

  • Imagine a platform where core business functions, CRM, marketing, all forms of customer communications, document management, e-signature, and payments, are bundled and operational as a starting point.
  • Rapid FinTech development via Gadgets and services make spinning up APP(like) models in a multi-tenant platform, with responsive UI/UX for any webapp, or native mobile apps lean & fast to market.
  • Process flows and quantum computing automation – hooks to hybrid services, blockchain, analytics, machine learning and AI libraries – can be rapidly integrated for unique & powerful apps and disruptions.


Tim Vasko, CEO & Founder | @Finaeos | | 206.939.7829

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