FinDEVr SV 2016 / Expensify

Presenter Profile

Recently named one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2015 by FastCompany, Expensify is a pioneer in the expense management space and the model for what is now considered a modern expense management solution.

Combining user-centric design with powerful compliance features makes Expensify the best choice for both employees and the finance department. With realtime expense reporting, the patented industry-leading SmartScan technology, and more, Expensify is uniquely powered to serve the entire market from solo-prenuers to the global enterprise. Expensify is used and loved by over 20,000 companies worldwide across all industries. We’d love to work with you!


Bedrock – Expensify’s Open-Sourced Infrastructure Secret Weapon

David Barrett, founder and CEO of Expensify, will present Bedrock, Expensify’s recently open-sourced technology which has been key to Expensify’s stability as the fastest growing ERP software in the world. Bedrock is the geo-redundant database technology that has quietly scaled Expensify through many orders of magnitude — and is now available for public use as a new open source project. Bedrock is a RDBMS optimized for self-healing replication across relatively slow, relatively unreliable WAN (internet) connections, enabling extremely high availability / high performance multi-datacenter deployments without any single point of failure. Bedrock supports the MySQL protocol and is thus compatible with all your favorite tools, or using the provided PHP client library. In addition to a RDBMS, Bedrock also includes a plugin framework for a reliable job queue and replicated cache, serving as a complete back-end framework for data storage, caching, and job management. Bedrock is freely available via a PPA (e.g., “apt-get install bedrock”).

What You’ll Learn

  • What the SQL, NoSQL, and NewSQL buzzwords mean – and how to choose which is right for your startup
  • Why the key to “big data” isn’t the size but how you use it – and how your early database decisions impact your long term opportunities
  • How BedrockDB’s internet-scale replication allows you to achieve dramatically higher performance AND availability than alternatives for structured and unstructured data alike


David Barrett, Founder & CEO | @quinthar |

David Barrett started programming at the early age of 6 and has been aspiring to become an expense report magnate ever since. After attending the University of Michigan where he worked in the Virtual Reality Lab, he moved to Texas to write 3D graphics engines for the video game industry. Next, David joined Travis Kalanick in San Francisco in building a peer-to-peer file transfer technology called Red Swoosh, which was acquired by Akamai in 2007. In 2008, David left Akamai to start Expensify and has since been relieving the world’s frustrations, one expense report at a time.

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