FinDEVr SV 2016 / Exeria

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Exeria is a product to simplify investing. As an experienced investor, you will be able to put your ideas into place within minutes. You can build algorithmic robots that apply your intention through our drag and drop method which will also show results based on historical data allowing you to tweak the robot until it is as close to perfection as you can get it.

For the amateur investor, there will be the opportunity to follow other seasoned investors through our ranking page, but the greatest opportunity will be that of learning how investing works. They to will be able to play around with Arena and see when indicators and strategies bring in money and when they lose. They will be able to identify cycles in the market and learn how to deal with them appropriately. However, the beauty of this is that it is an option, not a must. If you simply want to follow other investors who are successful that is also a choice you can make. But for those who want to open up that black box and take a look under the hood, you can.


Building Profitable Algorithmic Investment Strategies

It will be a quick run through of the three aspects of Exeria (, Exeria the program and Arena, the robot-building program). We will show people how to access training, software, and information. After, we will demonstrate how to build a robot in minutes with no coding, and finally, how to install that robot in an Exeria platform and run it.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to build algorithmic strategies with no programming expertise whatsoever
  • How to set up your robots on a platform and run varied strategies on diverse markets
  • How to use the ranking section of Exeria to choose the best strategies for oneself


Robert Roberson, Software Exploitation Manager | 530.296.4480

Robert Roberson has been active at for 1.5 years and has become an expert in the exploitation of Exeria’s software. He comes with an educational background and has taught all over the world. He has developed unique award winning pedagogical methods in the general education field.

Krystian Juchacz, Project Manager | +48507045617

Krystian graduated from the Academy of Banking in Poznan, is a licensed stock broker and is currently getting a degree in economics from UMA.


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