FinDEVr SV 2016 / Digital Business Art

Presenter Profile

Digital Business Art is a technology-driven fintech industry pioneer and is well-known in CIS and Middle Asia countries since 2000. Digital Business Art’s innovations enable banks to efficiently manage all retail banking processes, rapidly develop and launch new banking products into the market, and enhance the efficiency and competitiveness of any financial institution. The strength of our technology comes from the world-class R&D team of over 100 specialists.


Digital Banking Platform: How to make a Digital Bank

While developing and increasing their IT infrastructures, modern banks have collected a throng of systems, integrated one way or another with Core Banking System and other back-end systems. Composition of such systems bevy is defined by specificity of a particular bank. These systems are usually poorly integrated with one another and cannot provide effective interaction. Clients, in their turn, are periodically facing failures of RBS (from internet banking to payment terminals network), systems hang-ups, service denials, and other moments that negatively affect both the bank’s earnings and its reputation.

As a universal solution to this problem, Digital Business Art will present its product – Digital Banking Platform (DBP). Main virtues of the product are the ability to ensure 99.99% remote banking systems availability rate and efficient orchestration of all systems within the bank. This means that all systems may be easily integrated with each other and will be unavailable no more than 1 hour in a year!

What You’ll Learn

  • How Digital Banking Platform ensures fast, stable client services in 24/7 mode with 99.99% availability level regardless of the state of Core Banking System or other processes in a bank
  • How Digital Banking Platform allows banks to efficiently integrate and orchestrate the bulk of banking systems using only BPMs and without hardcoding
  • How Digital Banking Platform allows banks to decrease requirements for back-end systems’ servers hardware


Roman Bevz, Technology Evangelist & Domain Expert | + 7 495 540 55 65

Roman is the Digital Business Art’s technology evangelist. He is adviser to the strategic product roadmap and responsible for spreading the company’s solutions around the world. Roman is a subject matter expert in retail banking technologies and simply a tech addict.

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