FinDEVr SV 2016 / Blend

Presenter Profile

Blend stands for better lending. Today, Blend is empowering lenders across the country to originate efficient, data-driven mortgages. Blend is already working with top lenders to dramatically speed up and simplify the loan origination process – saving lenders time and money while relieving homebuyer anxiety. The platform removes the need for employees to manually assemble and input customers’ financial data into loan applications by digitally streamlining the data collection process. The platform not only alleviates application time but also accelerates what has historically been a very long and painful path towards getting a mortgage. This Silicon Valley technology company is located in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District. Blend’s 80-plus-person team consists mainly of engineers, designers, and product managers from companies like Intuit, Palantir, and Google.


“The Data-Driven Mortgage” by Blend

Eugene and Nivi will demonstrate Blend’s thoughtfully designed platform used by lenders and borrowers, highlighting exactly how the technology streamlines the data collection process. In addition to showing how Blend shortens application time, they will demonstrate how the platform accelerates what has historically been a very long and painful path towards getting a mortgage.

What You’ll Learn

  • Automated workflows: how Blend is using automation to perform repetitive tasks, giving loan officers more time to focus on customers, and using data science to remove human error
  • Innovation by design: how design can make a complex process – like applying for a mortgage – simple, yet comprehensive
  • Data connectivity: how to use high-fidelity data to enable the borrower to fill out their application in minutes while letting lenders verify borrower-provisioned information


Eugene Marinelli, CTO & Co-Founder | @eugeneiiim |

Eugene Marinelli has worked at some of the top tech companies in Silicon Valley, including Google, Apple, and Palantir. In 2012, Eugene – a graduate of Carnegie Mellon in both computer science and engineering – took his technological insight and applied it to the mortgage space and co-founded Blend.

Nivi Jayasekar, Software Engineering Lead | @nivlife |

At 17, Nivi Jayasekar built a mobile marketplace for DIY products and won $10k in prizes. Hackathons introduced her to computer science and like-minded young tech entrepreneurs. Since then, she graduated Carnegie Mellon and continued to work on game-changing technology products at LinkedIn, Facebook, and now Blend.

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