FinDEVr SV 2016 / BBVA

Presenter Profile

BBVA is a multinational group providing financial services in over 35 countries and to 66 million customers throughout the world. The BBVA banking model is based on four pillars: a diversified and balanced portfolio model, in terms of geographies, businesses and customers, and being the leader in the franchises where we operate.

The Group has a solid leading position in the Spanish market, where it began operating over 150 years ago. It is the main financial institution in Mexico and one of the 15 biggest banks in the United States, where it has a leading franchise in the Sun Belt region.

BBVA defines its vision as a company with an idea: To bring the age of opportunity to everyone. We are working to build lasting relationships with our customers and provide maximum value to both our stakeholders and society at large with projects such as education, social entrepreneurship, research and culture.


APIfied Bank

In the last couple of years, BBVA has transformed its capabilities to be able to support a full customer facing bank based purely on financial APIs that are leveraging the established and firm capabilities of a solid bank.

Let us show you how this transformation has happened and how other companies can do the same, from a Developer Portal to security and standard-based APIs.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand BBVA API capabilities
  • Navigate through a Dev Portal
  • Get credentials and consume APIs


Shamir Karkal, Head of Open Platform | @shamir_k

Shamir is a software engineer turned finance and banking expert. Prior to joining BBVA as Head of Open APIs, Shamir was the co-founder and CFO of Simple, an online banking services startup based in Portland.

Diego Blanco, Head of PaaS & Open APIs Platform CTO at BBVA Compass

Diego is a proud father, computer engineer and investigator that has been developing his IT career from a garage startup with some colleagues to BBVA as Open APIs CTO and PaaS manager in the U.S. He has been bringing together cloud solutions and financial capabilities to create a fully operational financial API platform.

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