FinDEVr SV 2016 / Alloy

Presenter Profile

Alloy provides software for financial services companies to do identification (KYC/AML), risk management, and ongoing compliance via extremely customizable APIs and dashboards. Beyond a single point of integration, companies can analyze and optimize their customer funnels and constantly monitor customer data, fraud, and risk in real time. Unlike “black-box” decisioning engines, Alloy gives full control over which data sources are used and how they are applied so that companies can customize and optimize customer on-boarding. Adding, subtracting, or changing rules about how data sources are used is as simple as the click of a button.


KYC: The Silent Customer Killer – Solved!

Alloy allows customers to create fully-customizable APIs for customer identification and compliance. In this presentation, we’ll walk through creating a custom CIP application. We’ll take a compliance department’s rules and implement that logic using a graphical rules engine, showing how to optimize conversion and coverage by adding more sources of data. As we go, we’ll be able to run the resulting API queries and gather more information from each service. Finally, we can go back to the dashboard to remediate falsely negative on-boarding attempts or monitor current customers.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to create an API from a custom set of compliance rules
  • How to monitor and remediate previous on-boarding attempts
  • How to optimize on-boarding logic to increase conversion as much as possible while keeping out fraudulent users


Charles Hearn, CTO | @charleshearn |

Tommy Nicholas, CEO | @tommyrva |

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