FinDEVr SV 2016 / Aerospike

Presenter Profile

Aerospike’s distributed database supports apps that demand performance and high availability. The Aerospike NoSQL key-value distributed database, which provides horizontal scale and features a hybrid memory architecture design for both DRAM and Flash storage, is deployed at scale in public and private clouds – as well as in datacenters – and is provided as a dual-license product. Top use cases for Aerospike include digital transformation as well as operational and transactional workloads to support customer analytics, advertising optimization, fraud detection, recommendation engines and other decisioning workloads. Customers include eXelate, Chango, InMobi, and AppNexus, the largest of which process 50 billion ad impressions per day in data centers around the world and with each Aerospike server processing over 200 thousand transactions per second (TPS) with sub-millisecond latency on SSDs.


Challenges Retail Banks Face Integrating More Sophisticated Offerings

Retail banks face challenges integrating more sophisticated offerings. Internet-sourced technologies bring to bear new capabilities – languages, application frameworks, API and data management, NoSQL databases. In this talk, real-world examples of adapting these technologies to older order management systems, and “address book” systems like Hogan, will be presented.

What You’ll Learn

  • Practical advice on using internet technology to radically change financial services workflows such as order management
  • Real-world examples of adapting these technologies to older order management systems
  • How to create a flexible, scalable platform for web-scale application


Brian Bulkowski, CTO & Co-Founder |

Brian has a background of 25 years in the Silicon Valley as a team leader, architect, and senior manager entirely in the area of large-scale server infrastructures (commodity routers at Novell, video servers at Starlight Networks, large-scale broadband at Liberate, and distributed computation at Aggregate Knowledge).

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