FinDEVr NY 2017 / Symphony Software Foundation

Presenter Profile

The Symphony Software Foundation is an independent non–profit organization formed to sustain the open governance, open source development and adoption of Symphony as the industry standard secure messaging platform. The Foundation makes it easier and safer for organizations in regulated industries to communicate and collaborate behind and across the firewall, while maintaining full compliance. The Symphony Software Foundation hosts an ecosystem of open source projects, enabling industry-wide open collaboration in financial services.


The Symphony Challenge: How to Deliver a Compliant Open Source Bot or Integration on Symphony within Minutes

Through its cloud-based Open Developer Platform (ODP), the Symphony Software Foundation offers a best-of-breed open source development and delivery process, suitable for regulated industries to collaborate in the open, safely and compliantly. The ODP, combined with the recently open sourced Symphony integration framework, redefines productivity when solving real intra- and inter-firm collaboration business cases on the trading desk and beyond, leveraging the Symphony platform. In this session, we’ll introduce ready-to-use Symphony integrations with Salesforce, Github, JIRA, Zapier and Trello, available on the Foundation open source repository (, and discuss how you can deliver your own integration in a matter of minutes by developing in the open.

What You’ll Learn

  • Grow productivity and time-to-delivery by engaging in open collaboration with other Foundation members and the community on the Open Developer Platform, overcoming cultural and compliance limitations
  • Use out of the box Symphony integrations in your firm and build your own open integrations in our open source repository to solve use cases of intra/inter firm collaboration
  • Improve your internal development and delivery processes to use and consume the best-of-breed open source tools and software provided by the Foundation, while ensuring security and IP compliance


Gabriele Columbro, Executive Director | @mindthegabz |

Gabriele brings more than 10 years of technical and business expertise to the Foundation. As Executive Director, he is currently responsible for building the governance and contribution model and driving the open strategy of the Symphony open source software. He is an open source enthusiast and release manager for Apache Chemistry OpenCMIS.

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