FinDEVr NY 2017 / Softjourn

Presenter Profile

Softjourn is a technology services provider operating since 2001, with 150+ employees, two R&D centers, one in Ukraine and one in Poland, and headquarters in California, U.S. The product that Softjourn will demonstrate, SJ Coins, we see growing into a platform to be used by employers who want to give their employees the opportunity to participate more frequently in CSR projects, to vote for and feel ownership in the projects being supported. This could be donor-based organizations, such as NGOs, whose members will have transparent access to information about who is donating funds. Since blockchain has very practical implications for the nuts and bolts of payment solutions, Softjourn intends to be part of the future of this currency and to apply it where it can do good.


Engaging in Social Responsibility through Blockchain

The presentation will highlight the main reasons Softjourn decided to implement an in-house loyalty program and why we chose Eris (Monax) blockchain cryptocurrency over other platforms. We will look at the combination of hardware, blockchain, and smart contracts, and how these actually work together in our project. We will close with a look at what’s next for this project, using SJ Coins to help fund local projects in our city.

What You’ll Learn

  • The many ways to apply blockchain and why choose Eris (Monax) over other platforms to develop an in-house bitcoin
  • How to use smart contracts to develop your in-house loyalty program and engage employees in CSR
  • How to use smart contracts to donate to social projects as part of your CSR development strategy


Yuriy Kropelnytsky, Project Manager | @maky55 |

I started my career in telecoms setting up and adjusting billing systems; first as a developer, then as a manager. Ten years ago I switched to IT, and now I’m a project manager at Softjourn working in financial services, card-processing and blockchain cryptocurrency.

Emmy Gengler, CEO | @emmygengler |

Over 25 years in the software engineering industry. As CEO of Softjourn, an engineering services company with offices in California, Ukraine & Poland, I am passionate about what software can do, how it can bring ideas to life and getting it done so that our clients can actually launch that new service and see results.

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