FinDEVr NY 2017 / SaleMove

Presenter Profile

SaleMove breathes life into the digital customer experience. Through a single line of code, SaleMove enables companies to identify and engage their highest-value website visitors through video, voice, chat, and dual-cursor guided CoBrowsing. By creating memorable high-touch online interactions with their customers, companies have seen SaleMove increase online conversions, improve customer support, and provide an overall better customer experience. These high-touch interactions are all possible without downloads, installations, or plugins.


SaleMove CoBrowsing & SDK

This presentation will introduce SaleMove OmniBrowse, a game-changing, lightweight CoBrowsing solution that can be launched directly from 3rd-party applications like CRMs or Customer Service software. It will include a brief demonstration and live implementation.

We will also showcase the ease and speed with which companies can add video, CoBrowsing, audio, and live chat to their website using SaleMove’s new SDK.

What You’ll Learn

  • How SaleMove’s OmniBrowse can bring context into a company’s online sales and servicing processes
  • How easy it is to integrate OmniBrowse into an existing CRM or system of record
  • How to hardwire any website with a best-in-class online customer experience powered by SaleMove’s new SDK


Justin DiPietro, Co-Founder & COO | @justindipietro3 |

Justin is a Co-Founder and COO of SaleMove, where he is responsible for steering the overall product strategy. Prior to SaleMove, Justin worked as an Innovation Strategy Consultant at Accenture.

Deiwin Sarjas, Sr. Software Architect |

Deiwin is a Sr. Software Architect at SaleMove, where he leads the development of SaleMove’s APIs. Prior to SaleMove, he served as developer and team lead for the Space industry at CGI.

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