FinDEVr NY 2017 / Modelshop

Presenter Profile

Modelshop is an analytic decision platform for financial services. We enable organizations to create analytic decision services an order of magnitude faster than traditional technologies. Examples include lending origination, credit pricing, portfolio optimization, fraud prevention, and insurance claims decisioning. What makes Modelshop unique is our powerful data modeling and variable engine. We empower business analysts to create decision models as easily as creating a spreadsheet, while providing a platform that enables high-volume, low latency services that can drive mission critical decisions. By integrating predictive analytics created in R or Python, Modelshop allows financial institutions to improve the performance of their business without the hassle of building custom model deployment software.


Create a Custom Credit Risk Model Using Modelshop

Modelshop enables financial institutions to create custom decision models in record time. In this presentation, the Modelshop team will demonstrate building a credit risk model that uses credit report details, applicant assets, and deal ratios to predict loan default rates and price a credit offer. The model will be created from scratch in 15 minutes. This is one example of how Modelshop can improve the performance of financial institutions. Our platform has created decision models for origination, fraud mitigation, portfolio optimization, roboadvisor recommendations and compliance assurance.

What You’ll Learn

  • Creating custom analytic applications has become accessible to all financial services organizations, regardless of size.
  • Predictive analytics can be easily integrated with business managed decision strategies, without long deployment cycles.
  • A real-time analytic framework is critical to power the next generation of financial services products.


Tom Tobin, CEO | @modelshopinc | | 973.882.0111

Tom Tobin has been creating analytic software for financial services for over 25 years, working for companies including FICO, Oracle, Fiserv, and Hewlett Packard. Tom’s vision is to make decision automation more accessible to business analysts. Tom has an electrical engineering degree from Cornell University.

James Marsh, Modeler

James started his career building analytic algorithms for Wall Street but has developed a passion for creating analytic applications using Modelshop. James has an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Management.

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