FinDEVr NY 2017 / MapD

Presenter Profile

MapD is a next-generation database and visualization layer that harnesses the parallel power of GPUs to explore multi-billion row datasets in milliseconds. By combining a purpose-built GPU database with a powerful visualization layer, MapD is able to deliver immersive, instantaneous analytics on datasets (market, alternative, transaction, customer) previously considered too large to explore interactively.

The speed and scope of MapD’s solutions enable organizations to compete more effectively, solve more complex problems, find pockets of alpha and to manage operational risk more comprehensively.

Founded in 2013, MapD is funded by Google Ventures (GV), Nvidia, In-Q-Tel, Vanedge Capital and Verizon Ventures.


How GPU-Powered Visual Analytics Are Remaking Financial Services

What are the ingredients for an a-ha moment in financial services where a trade is discovered, a risk exposed or a behavior illuminated? It is not luck, or fate, or even hard work. It is the intersection of tools, technology and domain knowledge.

MapD Founder and CEO, Todd Mostak will address the technical details associated with applying GPUs to the task of visual analytics. The talk will cover the database elements, the visual frontend elements and the hybrid, server side rendering required to interact with billions of rows with millisecond latency.

What You’ll Learn

  • The consideration of building a GPU database. From memory management to query compilation – what components require a different perspective than standard CPU implementations.
  • Why traditional visual analytics are not well suited to rendering and cross filtering multi-billion row datasets and how a GPU can be used to create a hybrid approach that delivers speed and scale.
  • With a database and dataviz built on GPUs, the logical next step is data science. This talk will briefly cover how to approach the problem with the goal of persisting as much on the GPU as possible.


Todd Mostak, Founder & CEO | @ToddMostak

Todd Mostak is the founder and CEO of MapD. He built one of the first GPU databases while studying the role of social media in the Arab Spring while a graduate student at Harvard and refined it at MIT’s CSAIL before founding MapD in 2013. Todd received his undergraduate in economics and anthropology from the University of North Carolina.

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