FinDEVr NY 2017 / IBM

Presenter Profile

IBM is a cognitive and cloud solutions company that offers a wide range of technology solutions and consulting services. From FinTech startups to large financial services companies, IBM is helping clients navigate the complex and digitally interconnected world by providing pre-built solutions that utilize a broad portfolio of leading cognitive solutions and advanced analytics.


IBM Cloud for Financial Services

IBM helps FinTechs and financial services companies build and monetize cognitive-enabled financial services apps quickly and at scale. Hosted on IBM Bluemix, IBM’s platform builds in customer insights, regulatory compliance analytics and security to help reduce development time and testing. These tools simplify the time-consuming tasks of selection, mapping and data integration, allowing developers to use IBM services or combine them with their own data.

What You’ll Learn

  • More than 100,000 developers per month from the financial services industry turn to IBM for insight and support.
  • IBM provides essential building blocks for the development of financial services apps, combining technologies such as cloud, blockchain and cognitive analytics.
  • IBM’s platform provides developers and IBM partners access to APIs, data, and content on a secure, cloud platform to help meet the business needs and challenges of financial services institutions.


Tom Eck, CTO


As IBM’s Industry Platforms CTO, Tom gets to work with incredible people and killer tools that are shaping the future of financial services technology. His mission is to help developers create the next generation of financial services applications rapidly and securely.

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