FinDEVr NY 2017 / Google Cloud

Presenter Profile

Journey to Cloud: First Steps, Production and Machine Learning

This presentation is designed to advise on how to use cloud successfully within Financial Services.
– Identifying good first use business cases
– Moving to production environments
– Journey from batch to real time
– Handling Scale
– Machine Learning
– AI and the future state

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify good candidates for applications that will benefit from Cloud adoption
  • How big data analysis and the first applications of machine learning in the cloud are driving business value add in Financial Services
  • The future possibilities of applied machine learning and the benefits that Artificial Intelligence can bring to the industry


Gavan Corr, Principal, Financial Services, Google Cloud

With 20 years of capital markets and technology experience, starting as a financial engineer and then leading quant development teams in Europe. Gavan Corr moved to Wall St in 2001. Roles followed in Risk and Equity leading first to the NYSE and then Options Market Making. He has 15 years in distributed computing before joining Google.

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