FinDEVr NY 2017 / FixNix

Presenter Profile

FixNix was born as a solution to the governance, risk & compliance (GRC) problem, and it is the world’s first Pure play SaaS model with a vision to radicalize GRC solutions at affordable prices. The startup provides GRC solutions to growth markets ranging from India to Africa. Our GRC suite was adjudged as “Best Cloud Security Startup” at IEEE Cloud Conclave. The suite also won the Microsoft Bitzspark Challenge and was awarded $60,000 worth of Azure cloud credits along with $5,000 cash. In addition, our GRC product was the RSAC Innovation Sandbox Winner for 2015.


RegTech – FreshGRC and Regulatory Risk Data Lake

Presentation is about the launch of the new product “FreshGRC,” which will automate compliance. Our tool will help follow compliance as a culture in the organization. We will showcase the various models built in a single platform to solve the GRC problem.

Regulatory Risk Data: Piloting this concept, data lakes take advantage of commodity cluster computing techniques for massively scalable, low cost storage of data files in any format. This solution will help the global banks to delve deep the unstructured risk from public sources along with their regular risk information to file reports to regulators.

What You’ll Learn

  • The presentation will provide a wide knowledge on the GRC space and how the process of compliance is simplified using our tool by eliminating the redundancies and irregularities
  • The workflow of the business process of how being a Cloud player in GRC helps in small and medium level enterprises
  • How FixNix can make a difference in the field of GRC and how data lakes will help global banks mitigate risks and involve better compliance procedures


Shanmugavel Sankaran, CEO | | +91 87 90 878 222

Shanmugavel founded FixNix in November 2012 and, as the CEO, has been setting the foresight and focus of the company. Prior to FixNix, he worked as Chief Information Security Officer at MartJack where he was responsible for handling information security for the company. Mastered with extreme bootstrapping skills, he has driven a new wave in India.

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