FinDEVr NY 2017 / Finicity

Presenter Profile

Finicity is a real-time financial data aggregation and insights provider. Our goal is to create a financial data-sharing ecosystem that is secure, inclusive and innovative. Finicity provides data solutions for financial management, payments and credit decisioning. With that said, at our core, we’re about helping people have better financial insights so they can make better decisions. We believe this happens by enabling our FI and fintech partners to innovate faster than ever. So we deliver the content they need, when they need it, how they need it, consistently and securely.


The Frictionless Aggregation Experience

We will demonstrate our new Finicity Connect drop-in UI widget. With Finicity Connect we simplify the process for developers of financial management, payment, and credit decisioning applications to more rapidly stand up Finicity’s real-time data insights and aggregation services. This solution provides a production-ready add-account and manage account capability that also offers enhanced security. We will demonstrate Finicity Connect through the experience of credit decisioning, where developers need to integrate our capabilities into the loan origination system.

What You’ll Learn

  • Developers and solution providers can integrate a rapid and seamless add accounts process for aggregation.
  • Through Finicity’s modern RESTful API, solution providers can easily access our real-time data.
  • Finicity is implementing industry-leading technology and processes for mission critical data access and data quality.


Nick Thomas, EVP & Co-Founder | @nickthomas | | 801.984.4222

Nick Thomas is EVP & Co-Founder of Finicity, a leading data aggregator enabling innovation in financial services and the fintech industry through its modern RESTful API and Finicity aggregation platform. He heads up Finicity’s data services business. Nick holds seven U.S. and International Patents.

Jessie Morris, Director, Software Development

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