FinDEVr NY 2017 / FairCom

Presenter Profile

FairCom is a pioneer in the software industry; the first company to offer a commercial package using b-tree algorithms on microcomputers in 1979. Today, FairCom maintains its sole technical focus on database technology, continuously enhancing its core database technology while keeping up with the latest industry platforms and APIs. FairCom’s c‑treeACE engine is the industry’s choice solution for enterprise data providing the most powerful simultaneous access to multimodel NoSQL and SQL, giving developers in companies of any size the control to customize their database, and ultimately enhancing performance gains.


Is Your Bank Account Eventually Consistent? NoSQL Challenges in a Transactional World

NoSQL brought a tremendous advantage for developers to innovate in the V-cube era, especially true in financial systems, with new disrupting business models, applications and solutions. There are new startup FINTECH companies in areas such as payment systems, fund management, retail banking, and CEP, and they all have in common the usage of NoSQL databases to innovate on the kind of information that they can extract – and sell – from the data. But a critical requirement of this industry has always been trust, which translates into supporting ACID transactions, a feature most always not available in the majority of these eventually consistent databases. This presentation analyzes the challenges most common NoSQL databases impose on such systems and potential alternative solutions.

What You’ll Learn

  • The advantages of using new technologies, such as non-relational databases, and how they allow FINTECH companies to innovate in traditional areas
  • What critical components and features of a traditional relational database are fundamental for FINTECH companies and should not be ignored when developing a new system
  • How to innovate safely, avoiding pitfalls and dangers of using new, hyped technologies in traditional areas, combining both good old technologies with brand new concepts


Evaldo Horn de Oliveira, Director of Business Development | | 573.445.6833

Evaldo is the Director of Business Development for FairCom Corporation, a high-performance database technology company providing a complete line of data management tools and an engineering-level solution for NoSQL high-speed data indexing. Evaldo deals with FINTECH companies like Visa, Thomson Reuters, BoNY, among others.

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