FinDEVr NY 2017 / Cognitect

Presenter Profile

Cognitect is a technology partner with products and customized development teams building next-generation information systems to solve essential problems. Our experienced team of architects and engineers use a data-first, antifragile approach to couple speed of delivery with a rock solid result. Replicating multi-regional data, smoothly moving data between your transactional, reporting, and BI systems with an ETL time limit of several seconds, processing 50,000 transactions per second while guaranteeing 100% data consistency across your systems — these are just some of the business-critical information challenges we successfully tackle. Our innovations power the core of the world’s leading brands and industries – 14 of the top 50 global leading companies use Cognitect technology, and we’ve worked directly with many of the largest financial institutions and the hottest fintech startups. If you are struggling with a data-centric problem that seems impossible to solve, call us. We can help.


Accomplishing Risk Management in Financial Services

Cognitect believes that data is the most valuable asset for modern businesses, especially for financial services firms. Unfortunately, most companies have locked away a lot of those assets in multiple datastores and are missing the most valuable part of having that data to begin with. We will demonstrate how Cognitect and our innovations such as Datomic have solved some seemingly impossible problems, namely Risk Management within Financial Services organizations. We will demonstrate how we achieved this for a Top 10 global bank while guaranteeing 100% data consistency across their systems. This is just one of the business-critical information challenges we successfully tackle. We will show you how.

What You’ll Learn

  • True Risk Management : achieving real-time updates on your exposure
  • Creating a globally unified data model for your risk database built upon a flexible and extensible data map able to support even non-standard formats and future novelty
  • Gaining actionable insights into your data and its full history for all; Analysts and C-level end users


Justin Gehtland, CEO | @jgehtland

Justin Gehtland is the co-founder and CEO of Cognitect. As a technologist and technology executive, Justin has worked with companies from the top of the Global 100 to fresh-from-launching startups, always with an eye on applying the latest tools and processes to build smarter systems faster. He is the author of 8 programming books, covering Java, .NET, Ruby and JavaScript. As the CEO of Cognitect, he is focused on bringing data-intensive and cloud-native solutions to companies with a mandate to modernize.

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