FinDEVr NY 2017 / ChartIQ

Presenter Profile

ChartIQ is a financial technology company based out of Charlottesville, VA with offices in New York, London, and Cyprus. Founded in 2012, ChartIQ has over 130 customers around the world. We provide the HTML5 charting and data visualization engine for the next generation of capital market applications. ChartIQ helps investment banks, brokerages, trading platforms, and financial portals as they move from the legacy technologies of the past to the HTML5 future. Our products provide a beautiful, powerful, and actionable end user experience for traders while giving developers the power and flexibility to integrate professional-grade charting into their own applications.


Building HTML5 Desktop Applications with Finsemble

HTML5’s last frontier is building desktop applications. The advent of applications such as Spotify and Slack, built using Electron, represent the first wave of HTML5 desktop applications. With the release of OpenFin’s secure container platform, financial firms are now also migrating their desktop development to HTML5.

Finsemble is an OpenFin Application Framework that provides infrastructure, services, and components for quickly building multi-window financial desktop applications. This presentation will describe the process of building these apps in Finsemble, outline the key problems addressed, and conclude with a quick coding demonstration.

What You’ll Learn

  • HTML5 offers significant advantages over .NET and Java for building desktop applications.
  • When building HTML5 desktop applications, firms run the risk of making UX compromises if they choose the wrong methodologies.
  • Finsemble bridges the gap between what existing HTML5 frameworks provide and what is necessary to build uncompromising multi-window desktop applications.


Dan Schleifer, CEO & Co-Founder

Brad Carter, Software Engineer

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