FinDEVr NY 2017 / BlueMetal, an Insight company

Presenter Profile

BlueMetal is an interactive design and technology architecture consulting firm that employs the most experienced consultants in the industry to solve the most challenging business and technical problems facing our clients. BlueMetal exists to inspire our teammates, clients, and partners to reimagine, invent, and do things that seem impossible.


Narrow AI aka Virtual Agents: Learnings from the Frontlines of an Engagement Paradigm Shift – NLP Platforms & Leveraging Legacy Systems in the Enterprise

Narrow Artificially Intelligent Virtual Agents are being deployed all around us. We’ve all used these amazing tools in our everyday life; from Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana, they are everywhere we go. These Virtual Agents interact with the 7 billion people on planet Earth in their own language and put the burden of UX learning on the system, not the user. Enterprise businesses cannot sit back and assume that the big tech titans will be speaking on their behalf through their consumer offerings. We will explore real live case studies and methodologies for deploying these Virtual Agents with your enterprise brand’s unique perspective and understanding of your clients and employees needs and relationship with you. This is not academic, this is now.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to maximize business impact of narrow artificial intelligence, aka chatbots, in the enterprise through a review of the pros and cons of the most robust platforms on the market.
  • Natural language processing and conversational UX is a massive paradigm shift of engagement, transforming interactions with all clients from millennials to baby boomers.
  • Enterprise Chatbot strategy must focus on the integration of legacy systems into these new AI tools to provide speed to market and maximize leverage of existing IT infrastructure.


Jeff Dodge, General Manager, NYC | | 978.333.1185

Jeff has run organizations and teams in a wide range of fields from apparel manufacturing to enterprise software consulting, always focused on modernization through technology solutions. More than anything Jeff loves to challenge those around him to take on audacious goals and never accept defeat.

Oren Novotny, Principal Architect

Oren is a technologist with a passion for reducing friction in the development process and enabling other developers to create portable cross-platform applications. A three time Microsoft MVP, Oren has led teams to build many of the most complex platforms BlueMetal has embarked on.

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