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Presenter Profile is a French software company based in the Alps.

We provide a Proxy-as-a-Service solution, based on web standards, that turns any API into a real-time experience, without requiring any server-side code.

We are currently servicing millions of devices. Our clients include large banks for retail brokerage and derivatives trading, as well as Fintechs launching their new services, in Europe, Asia and USA.


Coding Real-Time Trading/Investments on Your Mobile Device in Less than 15mn with Any API? Yes, We Can.

If there is an industry where real-time data is crucial, it’s finance, for trading and personal banking. Users don’t have time to waste by waiting for their applications to refresh or pushing a button to refresh a screen! offers an innovative Proxy-as-a-Service that polls APIs, caches responses, and pushes only incremental updates to your servers, applications and devices. You can easily turn any API into real-time stream updates as they happen, without any server-side code. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how to create your own trading mobile application using to display market information in real-time.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to turn every API into a real-time stream of updates with no server-side coding
  • The importance of a real time experience in order to extend the dwell time
  • The benefits of real time when placing trades; with up-to date prices, you greatly increase the chances of orders being executed


Eric Horesnyi, CEO  |  @EricHoresnyi  |  |  +33 6 79 68 24 22

Eric was a founding team member at Internet Way (French B2B ISP, sold to UUnet) then Radianz (Global Finance Cloud, sold to BT). He is a High Frequency Trading infrastructure expert, passionate about Fintech, IoT and Cleantech. Eric has worked in San Francisco, NYC, Mexico and now Paris.

Audrey Neveu, Devangelist  |  @Audrey_Neveu  |  |  +33 6 51 28 19 74

Audrey is Devangelist at She’s a passion driven developer with 6 years professional experience in web frontend and backend development, specialized in APIs and BigData. Heavily involved in the European wide Java Community, she’s part of Devoxx4Kids, a not-for-profit global initiative to get children coding.

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