FinDEVr NY 2016 / SpeechPro

Presenter Profile

SpeechPro is a global leader in speech and audio processing. The strength of our technology comes from the world-class R&D team of over 150 specialists including 28 PhDs. See SpeechPro global distribution network spans over 200 resellers and partners worldwide. Our products are deployed to over 74 countries. SpeechPro core expertise is speech recognition & text-to-speech, audio recording, forensic audio analysis, noise cancellation (audio enhancement) and biometrics (authentication, identification and verification).


VoiceKey OnePass – Multi-Modal Mobile Biometric Authentication Solution

VoiceKey OnePass is SpeechPro’s multi-modal (face and voice) Mobile Biometric Authentication solution providing high security and ease of use. It has been integrated into Wells Fargo’s CEO wholesale banking application by replacing RSA tokens.

This application won Global Finance Magazine’s 2015 Innovator’s award (

A write up in Fortune Magazine is here:

What You’ll Learn

  • This mobile biometrics authentication solution satisfies high security requirements with ease of use.
  • Unique liveness detection methods foil selfie and recorded playback hacks.
  • Multi-modal (face + voice) biometrics result in equal error rates of around .25%.


Philip Shinn, CTO  |  |  646.736.2377

Phil Shinn is a speech processing SME with a PhD in Linguistics from Brown. He has designed and built dozens of enterprise class speech apps for companies like Morgan Stanley, BofA, Citi, GM, Verizon, and others. He serves on the board of the Applied Voice Input Output Society and has 5 patents.

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