FinDEVr NY 2016 / Smart Token Chain

Presenter Profile

Patent-pending “Smart Tokens” increase global trading efficiency by combining today’s most disruptive FinTech tools: Blockchain, Smart Contracts and Tokenization. Customizable Smart Tokens INSTANTLY transfer assets between P2P, B2C and B2B APPs. Each Smart Token is UNIQUE- including counterpart identities, asset verification and transaction data, based on ISO 20022 Standards. Assets undergoing tokenization: RMB, Oil, Gold, and Bonds. Smart Token partnered with MasterCard and SWIFT, offering Free Money Transfer to 1.2 B bank/mobile accounts globally. STC derives revenue from licensing, transaction fees and/or foreign exchange arbitrage.


Smart Tokens Standardize Global Asset Interchange

All transactions have 3 parts: Identity, Asset(s) and Execution. Smart Tokens create ISO-based ID, Asset, and Execution Tokens used/reused to automate the clearing/settlement of ANY asset globally. This presentation will demonstrate Token creation, using real data for ID Token- Identity (ID) Token for both trade parties, Asset Token- The Asset(s) to be verified/traded, Execution Token- The Exchange rate/Purchase price agreed to by the trading parties, and Master Token- Containing All Tokens for compliance, audit and blockchain verification. Demonstration shows the entire on-boarding process of verifying trading IDs, the asset(s) traded and contractual terms.

What You’ll Learn

  • For 10,000 years, trading has been the hallmark of human activity. EVERY trade consists of 2 people with an exchange rate between 2 assets. Smart Tokens standardize ID, Asset and Exchange contracts.
  • ISO’s Inter-modal shipping container standard revolutionized global shipping. Using ISO 20022, Smart Tokens automate trading settlement: reducing counterpart risk and Bid/Ask spreads in minutes.
  • ALL current settlement and Blockchain networks are proprietary. Smart Tokens are THE bridge between these incompatible settlement Networks. (ISO) Current ST networks: MasterCard, SWIFT and Ripple.


Tom Meredith, CEO  |  @tomtmeredith  |  |  404.388.9247

Founder Tom Meredith – 30+ years computer architecture development experience ranging from artificial intelligence to voicemail/email integration to online international credit card processing. Tom designed/authored the Smart Token patent. He has degrees from Harvard Business School and Stanford’s School of Engineering.

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