FinDEVr NY 2016 / i-exceed technology solutions

Presenter Profile

i-exceed technology solutions is a niche Fintech company that lets banks and financial institutions innovate and launch apps at the speed of startups.

Appzillon, our flagship product, is powering the digital initiatives of over 25 financial institutions worldwide, including some of the largest banks in the world, and is recognized as a key player in the MADP and adjacent markets by Gartner. The product consists of the Appzillon Development Platform and the Appzillon Digital Banking Suite. The development platform enables rapid delivery of cross-channel applications. The digital banking suite consists of pre-built digital banking apps.


Appzillon Digital Banking Experience

Appzillon enables financial institutions to deliver cross channel applications in record time. Several banks worldwide have chosen Appzillon as part of their digital banking initiatives including smart branch banking. Appzillon helps these banks seamlessly integrate with their own as well as third party APIs and provide an elevated user experience.

We will share a case study on how Appzillon leveraged APIs to help a bank launch an innovative smart branch from scratch in just a few weeks. We will also present how Appzillon helps developers to smartly build intuitive apps with just drag-and-drop of widgets and a no-code screen builder.

What You’ll Learn

  • How Appzillon helps in rapid delivery of intuitive, multi-lingual, enterprise class apps with minimal development and integration effort
  • How the platform leverages existing APIs to develop fully functional apps
  • How to offer smart branch banking with minimal disruption to existing core systems of banks


Karthik Sivaprakasam, VP, Solution Architecture  |  @karthiksivap  |

Karthik is responsible for Solution Architecture for Appzillon. Karthik drives the architecture and solutions strategy for the Appzillon product and leads new SDK initiatives for Appzillon. He has worked extensively with large global banks assisting them with their core banking deployments.

Anshuman Nayyar, VP, Customer Success |

Anshuman has extensive experience deploying innovative solutions in large financial solutions across the globe. He has built and deployed large-scale systems for personal, corporate and digital banking solutions. Anshuman is responsible for Customer Success in i-exceed and leads our development partner network for Appzillon.

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