FinDEVr NY 2016 / Flybits

Presenter Profile

Flybits offers a unique app personalization and experience management solution in the cloud. Flybits is the easiest way for app developers and mobile marketers to enhance iOS and Android apps to deliver rich, personalized experiences that delight customers. Using Flybits slashes the coding needed to integrate all sources of contextual information – location, social profiles, user behavior and preferences, environmental data, and more. Digital marketers use our Experience Studio interface to change an app’s content and behavior on the fly, as they refine their mobile Internet strategies, without coding. Flybits brings true agility to mobile marketing.


Using Flybits Experience Management for Mobile Banking

Flybits will show the Flybits SDK / APIs and how easily they can be added to an iOS or Android app to slash the coding needed to make an app context-aware. We will then show how to use our Experience Studio interface to change the app’s content in real time without coding. We will end with showing how developers and digital marketers can use our Visual Rules Engine, to be announced at the show, to change app business rules on the fly.

What You’ll Learn

  • The Flybits SDK/ APIs make it easy to integrate any source of contextual information, including location. Sources include all device sensors and any public or private APIs.
  • Flybits Experience Studio allows developers and non-coders to change their apps’ behavior in real time, without more coding, and without resubmitting the apps for approval.
  • Flybits Visual Rules Engine provides a simple and powerful interface to change, without coding, the business logic of a live app, allowing easy personalization of the app experience.


Jerry Rudisin, CEO  |  @jrudisin  |  |  650.906.8395

Jerry Rudisin joined Flybits with 30 years of executive experience in enterprise software companies. These include eight years as VP of Marketing at Rational Software followed by CEO roles at three venture-backed startups, which were acquired. He earned a BS from MIT and MS from UCLA, both in Computer Science.

Petar Kramaric, Director of Platform Development  | |  905.616.2654

Petar is a founder of Flybits, responsible for the design, development and architecture of much of our product. He holds a B.Sc and M.Sc from Ryerson University. Petar is an expert in iOS and Android and has developed several Android apps for enterprise customers as well as personal apps.

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