FinDEVr NY 2016 / EffectiveUI

Presenter Profile

Guided by the belief that technology only lives up to its promise when it is well designed, EffectiveUI creates transformational digital products, experiences and insights for fintech / Fortune 500 innovators. By making technology more useful, usable and desirable, we collaborate with clients to reinvent significant aspects of their businesses, using our approach to adapt systems and technology to human behavior (not the other way around) through user research and insight, digital strategy, UX design, and UI development and integration.


Organizational Transformation through the Bimodal Lens

Delivering enterprise software quickly and regardless of the landscape is tough. At EffectiveUI, we’ve collaborated with clients who have seen nearly every kind of failure, coming alongside them to embrace and adapt FAST (bimodal) technology for organizational transformation, meeting user needs and exceeding preferred outcomes. In this presentation, we share insights from our experiences applying bimodal philosophy through a recent client journey.

What You’ll Learn

  • Bimodal technology is not just about development; it is about enterprise-wide transformation.
  • Identifying/ understanding a bimodal landscape often takes an outside partner. Taking the first step requires a collaborator. Success usually only happens when the approach is embraced enterprise-wide.
  • Once this transformation is underway, the ROI becomes clearer, the user needs met more fully and the preferred outcomes realized in a sustainable way.


Zach Hendershot, Vice President of Technology  |  @zhendershot  |  |  614.284.6963

Zach Hendershot is passionate about the power of technology to help drive social entrepreneurship and innovation. He uses his expertise — from large-scale software system development to problem solving — toward that end. Hendershot joined EffectiveUI in 2014 to help drive sustainable technology engagements and outcomes.

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