FinDEVr NY 2016 / Avoka

Presenter Profile

Avoka is a software-as-a-service company solving the problem of digital customer acquisition for banks and other financials. For opening checking accounts, applying for loans, or onboarding investment accounts, Avoka creates a frictionless experience on phones, tablets and desktops, then ties it to the branch and call center. The magic is time-to-market, since we deliver in weeks what the bank takes a year to build.


Agile Design for Customer Acquisition

Avoka will demonstrate why frictionless customer acquisition for mobile and digital is so important and show how to deliver that user experience in a way that promotes rapid design, deployment, measurement and iteration. The agile design and delivery on the Avoka Transact platform will illustrate the creation of a customer acquisition experience, incorporating identity, social media and fraud detection in a way that beats time-to-market targets.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to WOW your customer by creating a frictionless experience for financial account opening transactions
  • How to create an agile customer acquisition experience, one that can be measured, iterated and optimized without impacting or changing back office or business processes
  • A path to get to market FAST for digital and mobile customer acquisition, without getting bogged down in integration, infrastructure, business process or systems of record


Kevin Atkinson, Sr. Architect

Kevin is a senior architect at Avoka, designing and implementing digital customer acquisition systems for the largest financial institutions in North America.

Howard Treisman, CTO

As CTO of Avoka, Howard is focused on strategic product management, including market analysis and differentiation, product roadmap, competitive intelligence, and partner solutions. Howard ensures the Avoka product and platform meet customer requirements and is a market-leading technology.

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