FinDEVr LD 2017 / Zuhlke Engineering

Presenter Profile

Zuhlke Engineering is a leading provider of software development and consulting services to companies across the UK. We are part of the Zuhlke Group of companies, headquartered in Switzerland with 12 locations across Europe and Asia, employing over 900 staff (mostly engineers). We have a track record of delivering over 8,000 successful hardware, software engineering and management consulting projects in all technologies and markets including finance, medical, transportation, telecom, internet and government. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures that we only hire people at the very top of their field, who are capable of supporting the company’s reputation for consistently delivering high (Swiss) quality and best performing solutions.


Digital Transformation of HSBC – or Changing the Engines of a Jumbo in Flight

HSBC Digital Solutions has been established to deliver the digital transformation of the bank in order to reap significant efficiency gains in the delivery of retail banking and wealth management in the 21st century. In this presentation we share some of the challenges that the bank encountered along this journey. These range from creating digital solutions for 30 markets, a client base of tens of millions of customers and the need to integrate digital solutions with a diverse estate of legacy systems. We explain the changes that were made to leadership, development skills, processes, architectures, tools and deployment platforms and how these achieved the successful release of the first digital services.

What You’ll Learn

  • Digital solutions are changing the relationship that customers have with financial institutions.
  • Transforming a large, traditional financial institution to offer digital services at Internet speed is hard.
  • It can be done if the right people with the right mind set come together.


Charles Allen, Global Head of Mobile, HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Charles has deep experience in Financial Services and particularly payments. He combines the ability to drive change in large, complex organisations with the knowledge and understanding of technology. He has delivered business performance as a member of senior leadership teams and launched innovative products in mobile.

Wolfgang Emmerich, CEO, Zuhlke Engineering  |  @w_emmerich  |  |  +44 20 7033 8000

Wolfgang set up Zuhlke Engineering Ltd in 2000 and became its CEO in April 2009. He is also a founding partner of its parent, the Zuhlke Technology Group. He helped create the UCL Software Systems Engineering Group and holds a Chair in Distributed Computing. Wolfgang co-founded Systemwire, a UCL spin out focused on derivatives validation.

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