FinDEVr LD 2017 / Trusted Key

Presenter Profile

Trusted Key allows financial institutions to deploy secure and frictionless KYC solutions, cryptographic authentication systems, and enhanced fraud prevention and document signing procedures, all based on the user’s real-world identity. The Trusted Key Digital Identity Platform leverages modern mobile phones, strong cryptography and blockchain technology to provide a secure, reusable, and privacy-preserving way for users to bring online their definitive identity documents (driver’s license, passport, etc.) and turn them into Trusted Key Cryptographic Credentials under their control. Users can use these Credentials to securely establish their identity to any online service or app, securely authenticate themselves without using passwords, and access value-added capabilities such as preventing credit card fraud and digitally signing documents with their digital identity, all from the convenience of their mobile device.


Secure Digital Identity

This presentation will review the challenges currently facing financial institutions in a world in which identity fraud is increasing, KYC and privacy regulations are becoming more complex, and millennials want to enroll in and access financial services primarily on their mobile devices. We will then show how the Trusted Key Digital Identity Platform addresses these challenges and provides financial institutions with a secure, easy-to-use, and privacy preserving identity management solution. Through a series of demos, we will illustrate how financial institutions can easily and securely onboard new customers, provision them with password-less authentication credentials, and provide value-added services such as credit card fraud prevention and definitive document signing, all from the convenience of the user’s mobile phone.

What You’ll Learn

  • Top identity management challenges currently facing financial services institutions
  • How the Trusted Key Digital Identity Platform allows financial institutions to address these challenges by deploying a much more secure, easy-to-use and flexible identity management solution
  • How the Trusted Key Digital Identity Platform leverages modern mobile phones, strong cryptography and blockchain technology to provide a uniquely secure, easy-to-use and privacy-preserving identity


Prakash Sundaresan, CEO

Prakash Sundaresan is the CEO & Co-Founder of Trusted Key. With 25 years of industry experience building world-class enterprise-grade products, Mr. Sundaresan is a recognized expert in the areas of big data, cloud computing and security. Previously, Mr. Sundaresan held several leadership roles at Microsoft in the USA and Asia.

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