FinDEVr LD 2017 / Trulioo

Presenter Profile

Trulioo is the leading global identity verification provider specializing in anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. From payments and financial services to eCommerce and online marketplaces, Trulioo’s global identity verification API services a wide spectrum of regulated industries. The company’s mission is to help increase trust and safety online by solving global problems associated with verifying identities. Trulioo’s RegTech solution harnesses the latest technology and comprehensive data to power fraud and compliance systems for clients worldwide.


Trulioo API = Global Electronic Identity Verification + ID Document Verification + AML Screening

Trulioo will showcase GlobalGateway’s Normalized API in action. Through a single API integration, developers can leverage Trulioo’s data marketplace and technology for KYC-compliant electronic identity verification, anti-money laundering (AML) screening and ID document verification.

GlobalGateway provides access to the widest global data marketplace for electronic identity verification (eIDV), including tough-to-cover customer segments. Clients have the ability to instantly verify over 4 billion people worldwide in seconds.

ID document verification collects, analyzes and verifies an electronic document to establish if it is authentic, altered or fraudulent.

By taking a holistic approach and combining eIDV with ID document verification & AML screening, businesses can take advantage of a powerful end-to-end solution that allows them to meet stringent AML/KYC compliance requirements while mitigating risks and keeping their business safe from online fraud and financial crime.

What You’ll Learn

  • GlobalGateway provides the widest coverage of identity verification in the world through a single API integration – 4 Billion people, 60+ Countries, 200+ Data Sources, 1 Contract, 1 API
  • Developers can access global real-time electronic identity verification, identity document verification, and AML watchlist screening all through one platform.
  • Regulations vary depending on industry & region. With Trulioo, you have complete customization of the verification rule set enabling you to comply with regional & international KYC/AML/CTF regulations


Mike Kim, Strategic Accounts Manager  |  |  +1.888.773.0179

Mike began his career as a developer at HSBC where he was responsible for optimizing the user experience for global payments clients. He later joined an eCommerce venture and established a robust fraud prevention system. Before joining Trulioo, he advised on fraud prevention & PCI compliance for nonprofits processing credit card & ACH payments.

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