FinDEVr LD 2017 / TokBox

Presenter Profile

TokBox, a Telefónica company, develops and operates the leading global Live Video platform for embedding live video, voice, messaging, and screen sharing with annotations into websites and mobile applications. OpenTok is a high-scale, API-driven communications platform as a service (cPaaS) that gives developers the creative freedom to build rich, personalized communications experiences, from one-to-one interactions to multi-party video chat to interactive broadcasts to huge audiences.

TokBox is trusted by leading financial organizations focused on new customer experiences, including Royal Bank of Scotland, Esurance, Warta Insurance, Standard Charter, Flexperto, unblu, Backbase, IDnow and innovative emerging companies across the social, entertainment and gaming markets. For more information, see


Financial Services in the Social Age: Cost or Opportunity?

Over three billion people around the world today expect one-click global video and voice communications from the palm of their hand. More and more people perform financial transactions inside social chat applications. Web and mobile banking has been established for well over a decade, and we now see automated bank branches with no local staff and millennials who laugh at anyone not conducting all their financial transactions, from moving money to depositing checks, in their bedroom on their phone. So, what will the future bring? Rich social and visual experiences and expectations are growing exponentially. This session explores the challenges of financial services in the social age and asks how a dramatic increase in live customer experiences can be delivered at manageable cost.

What You’ll Learn

  • Financial services organizations must develop a framework for looking at the impact of the global explosion of social media and live video experiences on consumer expectations.
  • Virtual financial services can lower costs using live video and online messaging to separate customers and their financial advisors across space and time, providing this optimizes customer workflows.
  • The open availability of communications platform as a service (cPaaS) makes it easy to quickly build and deploy new video and social experiences, experiment, and then scale them massively.


Roland Drewell, Customer Success  |  @tokbox  |  |  +44 (0)7725 628586

Roland is responsible for customer success with the TokBox Live Video cloud platform, enabling global web and mobile developers to create richer user experiences. Roland previously worked at Adobe Systems and InMobi. He has a BA from the University of London and an Msc in Creative Multimedia from Leeds.

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