FinDEVr LD 2017 / TestDevLab

Presenter Profile

TestDevLab is a quality assurance company that provides custom software testing solutions, tools, and software development services.

We are already trusted by Worldremit, SEB bank, BigBank, Cream Finance,  and, as well as by Skype, Microsoft, Twilio, Authy, Orange group, Truecaller, and many others.

The company offers security and penetration testing, automation test development, battery and data usage testing, software quality assurance, REST API testing and automation services as well as mobile, web, and custom development solutions.


Mobile Automation Security Scanner Tools

While project deadlines add extra pressure on the development process and features of the application are added continuously making the application grow, it gets hard and time-consuming to identify and test all the important areas within the application. MASST removes the overhead of serious security assessments and provides results within minutes.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to easily add an on-demand security platform to your daily development routine.
  • The platform will allow anyone to strengthen their security knowledge by reviewing their application based on suggestions.


Kristaps Skutelis, Director, Public Relations

Kristaps is the Director of Public Relations at TestDevLab. He also founded the most popular consumer technology blog in his home country Latvia [] and regularly comments on the tech trends for other local media outlets.

Robert Greibers, Quality Assurance Engineer

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