FinDEVr LD 2017 / Kontomatik

Presenter Profile

Kontomatik provides API to banks, banking data enrichment, and banking data analytics.

Kontomatik is used by banks, lending companies, and FinTech startups.

Kontomatik API provides access to over 120 banks in 9 countries.

Kontomatik believes a new, post-digital era started – intelligent empowerment.


FinTech Dictionary: Learn How to Navigate through the FinTech Bull*

Hackers from Kontomatik will give you their hard take on the most hyped words and notions, from blockchain to NoSQL to microservices to machine learning.

Learn our FinTech Dictionary. Understand.

What You’ll Learn

  • Enterprise blockchains are a huge overpromise.
  • NoSQL databases are C-of-databases: a low-level tool you will likely never need.
  • Microservices are not micro.


Piotr Włodarek, CTOłodarek-77684033  |  |  +48 694 797 487

Piotr Włodarek has been developing software since the mid-90’s with experience ranging from research to telco to FinTech. Former programmer at CERN, now specialises in software craftsmanship, security in the software layer and Bitcoin. Computer science graduate from Warsaw University of Technology.

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