FinDEVr LD 2017 / IdentityMind Global

Presenter Profile

IdentityMind, creator of Trusted Digital Identities (TDIs), offers a SaaS Platform for online risk management and compliance automation. IdentityMind continuously validates and risk scores online identities through its eDNA™ to ensure global business safety and compliance at customer onboarding and throughout their lifecycle. It securely tracks the entities involved in each transaction (e.g. consumers, merchants, cardholders, payment wallets, alternative payment methods, etc.) to build payment reputations, and allows companies to identify and reduce potential fraud, evaluate merchant account applications, onboard accounts, enable identity verification services, and identify potential money laundering.


Entity Link API

Understanding risk is more than compiling a lot of identity attributes. IdentityMind provides answers across risk and compliance needs through our Entity Link API. Part of our larger RegTech API, the Entity Link API goes beyond attributes by providing the analysis and machine intelligence to determine whether the entity on the other side of the transaction:

  • Is a real user/businesses entity
  • Is authorized to use the information they are presenting
  • Is a person/business entity you can do business with
  • Poses risk to your business brand

This presentation will show how the Entity Link API helps you answer those questions, and, in the process, lowers your fraud losses and increases your compliance efficiencies.

What You’ll Learn

  • Machine Learning – how gathering and processing large amounts of risk and compliance data improves fraud and compliance decision-making
  • Entity Link Analysis – how entity link improves reputation scoring so you can better understand and react to the risk levels of your prospects/customers
  • Digital Identities – how digital identities reduce risk and are the future of risk reduction


Jose Caldera, Chief Marketing Officer  |

Jose Caldera has been developing and marketing products for the last 20 years. An entrepreneur at heart, his focus has always been on the Enterprise, developing products and services for information and payments security, risk mitigation and compliance.

Kieran Sherlock, CTO  |

Kieran has over 25 years of experience developing high-availability distributed systems, with his last 15 years being spent in the security and anti-fraud space.

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