FinDEVr LD 2017 / Harborx

Presenter Profile

Harborx brings fairness, simplicity and fun to forex trading; conceived as a fintech startup with the mission to simplify currency trading (forex), making it fun and accessible to anyone with a smartphone. With Harborx, learning the market and becoming a trader is possible within minutes.

Harborx’s vision is that time spent on a smartphone should not be wasted; instead, it should be used to perfect your trading skills while having fun and competing with friends and traders worldwide. In addition to easy learning and a game-like experience, Harborx brings users the possibility of earning additional income, which can be easily withdrawn and spent.

Harborx is EU-Registered and regulated (CySec license 230/14) and is a straight through processing (STP) broker with no dealing desk.


When Trading Meets Gaming

Trading financial products is challenging for non-professionals. Harborx turns currency trading into a simplified, fun and immersive gaming experience, specially tailored for beginners.

Over the years, we have overcome multiple challenges while integrating traditional gaming features with a currency trading infrastructure. From building a flexible, dynamic and decoupled technical architecture, to building our own distributed trading system using the actor pattern, to frontend development with ReactiveX API and leveraging MQTT for lightning speed price feed and data updates, we’ve got a lot to share!

Harborx insights will be especially interesting to fintech professionals striving to build a dynamic multifaceted environment in order to engage a wider public with complex financial products.

What You’ll Learn

  • How traditional gaming features, such as experience, achievements, leaderboard and clans, can be integrated into an FX platform
  • How ReactiveX can be used for building a mobile app that can handle complex data flow and unprecedented scale of UI changes
  • How a microservice and event-based programming pattern helps to build a more flexible, scalable and distributed backend


Wissam Sabbah, CEO  |  @WissamSabbah  |  |  +357 97 657944

Equipped with the best standards from computer science and finance, Wissam embarked his career early on in corporate banking. He progressed fast within a few years to senior consultancy roles where he could identify existing shortcomings and form collaborations with key people to create what Harborx is today: A game-changing fintech.

David Sung, CTO  |  @david_sung  |  |  +357 2502 5522

Technology enthusiast who believes the ultimate goal of software development should be to bring happiness into people’s lives. Currently, I’m Harborx’s Technical Manager. During my years at Harborx, I’ve had the privilege of building the tech team which takes leading-edge technology to its extreme.

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