FinDEVr LD 2017 / eSignLive

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eSignLive is the electronic signature solution behind some of the world’s most trusted brands. Regulated industries and top analyst firms recognize eSignLive for its ability to balance the highest levels of security, compliance and auditability with ease-of-use to automate any process – from the simplest, internal signing workflow to the most complex, customer-facing transaction. Available in the cloud and on-premises, and with full white-labelling capabilities, eSignLive supports an organization’s digital transformation strategy across the enterprise. eSignLive is the trade name of Silanis Technology Inc., a VASCO group company.


E-Signatures for Mobile Account Openings & Customer Behaviour Insights

For mobile-first consumers, opening an account without a feature-rich mobile experience may force them to use a different channel (e.g., in-branch, call centre, etc.), revert to traditional paper-based processes, or alternatively find a different financial services provider. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how you can quickly add e-signing capabilities to your web and mobile apps to help enable a secure yet frictionless mobile account opening process. Moreover, we will illustrate how your employees can glean insights into the customer’s mobile journey – measuring the effectiveness of the experience and pinpointing areas of drop-off or confusion, and then using those insights to further optimize the overall customer experience.

What You’ll Learn

  • Add e-signing capabilities to your app in less than 30min. using native mobile e-signature SDKs
  • Build dashboards to track the effectiveness of the customer’s mobile journey (including the signing experience)
  • Create a secure yet frictionless mobile web and mobile app experience by harnessing the power of mobile e-signatures and biometrics


Michael Williams, Evangelism & Developer Community Manager  |  @mwilliams1120

Rahim Kaba, Director, Product  |  @rahimkaba

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