FinDEVr LD 2017 / Currencycloud

Presenter Profile

Currencycloud’s Payment Engine is the power inside countless businesses, driving the transformation of the global payments landscape. The company is re-imagining the way money flows through the global digital economy, allowing payment firms to remove the friction and inefficiencies of traditional cross-border payments using its flexible APIs. Launched in 2012, Currencycloud is based in London and is regulated in Europe, the US and Canada.


Flexible APIs in Action

Currencycloud Payment Engine is built by developers, with developers in mind. By building a sophisticated Payment Engine, we have taken the complexity out of international payments both for our clients and for our clients’ customers.

Hear firsthand how our clients have easily integrated with us and witness a live demo of our flexible APIs that enable users to develop game-changing services on top of the Currencycloud Payment Engine.

What You’ll Learn

  • What our Payment Engine allows clients to do
  • Hear a firsthand case study
  • Witness a live demo of our flexible APIs


Ed Addario, CTO, Currencycloud

Ed has held executive positions at start-ups and large companies both in the UK and the US and joined Currencycloud as CTO in late 2016 from Misys, where he was the Global Head of Architecture and Integration.

Michiel Prins, Co-Founder, HackerOne

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