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CASHOFF LLC is a research laboratory. The main field of activity is development of the service for collecting and analyzing financial flows of bank clients. Customers of the company are 15+ banks including two major ones having 100M consumers.

The company provides customers with the service which helps them to collect data about their clients from different sources (banks, merchants, wallets, providers) and create profiles of clients based on the model of their financial behavior (transactions) and consumer preferences (receipts with items). Results of analysis are used in scoring systems, loyalty programs and PFM services in mobile banking applications.

The service is cloud based but bank data transferred to the service is completely anonymous (without names, cards numbers and other personal information).


Collecting and Analyzing Financial Data

The presentation is about technologies for collecting and analyzing financial data and examples of using it in scoring systems, loyalty programs and PFM services.

What You’ll Learn

  • Results of research (Accenture, Ipsos) show that a typical household or even one consumer has accounts in different banks. The client of our customer can see all the household’s cards in one place.
  • Transaction Before Processing: 28/04/2017 “GBP TSC London” 3£.
    • After processing: 28/04/2017 Logo TESCO E1W 1LE:
      British Whole Milk 2.272L; 1£; Food
      Clover Original Spread 1Kg; 2£; Food
  • Complete knowledge about the client (all his finances and goods) allows to suggest to him the most relevant offers and show calculated benefits in digits. Items in receipts open doors to supplier’s ad.


Dmitry Gorkov, CEO  |  |  +79150984990

Timothy Bevan, Co-CEO, BCS Global Markets  |  +44 786 647 96 64

Tim is co-CEO of the UK entity within BCS Global Markets, BCS Prime Brokerage Ltd. He is Global Head of Prime Brokerage, responsible for the client margin trading & financing business in London. Tim began his career at Tilney Investment Management and spent 5+ years at the London Stock Exchange.

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